The sound of a river flows through a sculptural piece of repeated forms and creating a discreet almost inaudible resonance. This flow can be seen gently reverberating a small valve on the object and can be felt by touching the sculpture. 

"Vartan Avakian’s installation Composition with a Recurring Sound takes two manifestations, a sculptural piece at BAC and a sonic spectre along the river banks. The project translates the sound waves produced by the flow of water into radio waves that are transmitted to the environs of the river. It captures and make palpable, so to speak, a sound that has been lost by urban development: that of the Beirut river, now hidden behind the walls of a concrete watershed. The watershed had transformed the river from an uncontrollable flow of energy to mere infrastructure, that subdues the river and reduces the sonic resonance of its flow. The act of ‘ghosting’ the sound of river through live transmission over radio waves renders Avakian’s sonic movement a gesture of resistance rather than documentation."

Marcella Lista and Marie Muracciole